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The complete Beartrap package, trigger point, roll out and release your muscles with Beartrap Therapy.


  • 2x Lock Cords (Stored inside handles)
  • 2x Rocket Rollers
  • 2x Trigger Cones
  • 2x Trigger Balls
  • 1x Stopper
  • 1x Attachment Holder
  • 1x Exercise Poster
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Beartrap massage tool Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as a tool that emulates manual therapy techniques
American Physical Therapy Association - Bronze Strategic Business Partner
Beartrap massage tool set up with the flat and wave roller accessories


Beartrap is built tough and portable so you can get the treatment you need wherever you need it. Get the most out of your exercise and reduce your injury risk by warming up and cooling down with Beartrap!

Beartrap massage tool set up with the ball & cone trigger accessories


Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as a tool that emulates physiotherapy treatment techniques, Beartrap can jump start your muscle recovery so you can recover faster.

Beartrap massage tool set up with all accessories, and the trigger tree holder, with lock-off compression cables engaged


With treatment techniques designed by professional physiotherapists, Beartrap can be used to treat chronic conditions and aid in injury rehabilitation programs.

Hayden N.
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This product is amazing!! I use it everday before and after gym.
Carol M.
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Very, very easy to use. Much better than foam rolling.
Matthew C.
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I train CrossFit everyday, I'm 45 and I have to roll and stretch all the time. I absolutely love my Beartrap!
Jamie H.
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Amazing recovery tool. Highly recommended muscle release aid for weekend warriors through to athletes.
Mike G.
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I am a try before you buy kind of person. I bought mine and wish I'd had this years ago!
Peta B.
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Pretty damn amazing device!!! Worth every cent.
Leigh F.
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Very different to other massagers, takes a few goes to get the right handle on it, once that is mastered it works well.
With 12 mounting points and 7 accessories, Beartrap can adapt to your body and needs

With seven accessories and 12 mounting points, Beartrap is highly adaptable to your unique needs

Beartrap is constructed with highly break-resistent nylon

Built with highly break-resistent nylon and vulcanised rubber, Beartrap is portable and tough

Beartrap lock off cables can give you hands-free physiotherapy

Lock-off compression cords mean you can treat yourself hands-free and feel better while you get on with life

Beartrap doesn't require batteries or power

With no motors or batteries Beartrap can give you the quiet, simple treatment you need without the hassle of power

Download the free BeartrapHUB app and get treatment anywhere you need

Download the free BeartrapHUB app to access video exercises and guided treatments on the go


Beartrap flat & wave roller accessories

Roll out pain with the

Flat & Waved Rollers

The vulcanised rubber rollers attach to the Beartrap to apply broad and dynamic compression to your muscles. In a similar way that a foam roller can stretch out large muscles, these rollers are perfect to stretch and warm up before exercise to reduce the risk of injury and increase blood flow during training. The patented ring-locks make the rollers attach firmly and fixes them securely while under pressure of treatment

Target problem areas with the

Cone & Ball Triggers

The rubber trigger accessories emulate the manual treatment techniques used by physiotherapists and physical therapists all over the world. Apply targeted compression to problem areas, massage out aches and pains, and knock-out knots. The Cone Triggers provide deeper more targeted compression, while the Ball Triggers work more broadly.

Beartrap ball & cone trigger accessories
Beartrap lock-off compression cables - get hand's free treatment

Go hands-free with the

Lock-off Compression Cables

Treat yourself hands-free with the Lock-off Compression Cables. These retractable elastic cables pass through the opposite one-way locking mechanism to apply compression completely hands-free. Get on with your day while getting the treatment you need, or add more compression to any of the Beartrap exercises.

Brace yourself with the

Rubber Stopper

Bilateral treatment isn’t always the best option, that’s why Beartrap comes with this vulcanised rubber stopper accessory. Place the stopper firmly on the opposite side to any of the other accessories to give yourself unilateral treatment. Target just the area that bothers you, applying specific targeted treatment to where you need it most.

Beartrap rubber stopper accessory



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 29 × 9 × 39 cm
  1. Kristy Douglas (verified owner)

    Super happy! I have a minor bulging disc in my neck and this is helping with managing my pain. Very easy to use and great quality.

  2. Dion David (verified owner)

    It’s as good as my own professional hands if not better. I should have bought it at the Adelaide conference last year.

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    This is a great device to massage those kinks out each and every day!

  4. Stacie L.

    Innovative design that allows you to apply deep pressure and myofascial stretch at same time.

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing! I can reach many different knots so much more effectively than with any other tool I’ve tried.

  6. Mary Kay

    As a physical therapist, I’m frustrated with rollers and balls for self-care for myofascial trigger points. The Beartrap is a great tool that I’ll use myself and recommend to patients.

  7. Kimberly S.

    This is the next best thing to a hands-on massage from a massage therapist. The multiple touch points allow you to hit areas, and the design allows access to different body parts without needing help from someone else. I have used many types of rollers and find this one beats them all.

  8. Elizabeth

    The Beartrap is the one self-massage tool that actually successfully enables me to independently work over my own neck and upper quarter. it’s brilliant!

  9. Sam M. (verified owner)

    I can highly recommend the Beartrap as a trigger point tool to release muscle tension and help keep your body in balance. It’s a simple tool to use, compact enough to throw in my cricket kit bag, and has saved me $ in not having to see my physio as often. Just treated my left hamstring minor strain – too easy!

  10. Nick Pedrazzini (verified owner)

    The first product I’ve used that was strong enough to do the job, it’s helped me with neck tightness, and also restless legs, as a swim coach my athletes are also enjoying the strength of it too!

  11. Rob Martin (verified owner)

    As a runner in my 50’s who runs around 80km’s a week, recovery & rehab is critical to avoiding injury. I have found the Beartrap to be very effective at loosening tight calves & in turn relieving Achilles tendonitis pain. My long weekend runs are pain free due to this amazing device. Highly recommended!

  12. DANIEL L. (verified owner)

    How bloody good.

  13. Sue Harrison (verified owner)

    So easy to use!

  14. Ursula (verified owner)

    The product itself is amazing! Can not speak more highly about it if I tried, delivery was quick to WA! Although the tracking system is rubbish! (Product unrelated) came from over east to WA in 5 working days

  15. Hayden N. (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!! I use it every day!! Before gym and at the end of the day.

  16. Matt Corrigan (verified owner)

    I train crossfit everyday, I’m 45 and I have to roll and stretch all the time , I absolutely love my bear trap..I paid full price but completely worth it ..

  17. Carol M. (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. Gets deeper than just rolling.

  18. Brendan Heywood (verified owner)

    Really good. One little thing is the roller material sometimes grips picks up your arm hairs and pulls them. The Armaid has a much smoother plastic and this doesn’t happen with it https://armaid.com/ (I’m a rock climber and primarily use these for forearm pump). Also it seems like a tiny design defect that when you put the rollers onto the lowest pins, 1+4, the touch the middle pins and so don’t roll. It would only need an adjustment of a couple mm to work in either position

  19. Leigh (verified owner)

    Very different to other massagers, takes a few goes to get the right handle on it, once that is mastered, it works well

  20. Jamie (verified owner)

    Amazing recovery tool. Highly recommended muscle release aid for weekend warriors through to athletes!

  21. Guy Ellis (verified owner)

    I have already been using the Armaid product which has been great for arms but not as versatile as the bear trap. The neck and head is where the bear trap has really given me some great results particularly in the release of the jaw.
    Great product ! And well priced considering it’s versatility !

  22. Peter Baskerville (verified owner)

    Allows treatment to occur while you do computer work or play.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Its a work out in its self, but effective

  24. Mike G. (verified owner)

    I am a try before you buy kind of person. I tried. I bought.
    Wish I had this years ago. Endless options for targeted therapy and unlike sticks or balls you can really dial up the intensity when the situation needs it.

  25. Peta B. (verified owner)

    Pretty damn amazing device!!! Worth every cent!

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